Battery services, Preventive Maintenance

Benefits for your company

In Pro Battery we are highly qualified in the management of preventive maintenance and battery services to keep your industrial batteries working in the best way and making them more durable, helping you to save unnecessary expenses. 


Reduce Repaired Costs

Identify problems before they occur

Eliminate potential downtime

Prolong your investment

Some Of Our Services Are

Emergency Repair 24/7

Service Call

Shipping and Handling

Pick up and Delivery

Industrial Battery rebuilt

Cell Replacement

Battery Installation

Charger Installation

Watering System Installation

Smart Blinky Battery Watering Monitor Installation 

Charger Repair Parts

Industrial Battery Preventive Maintenance

Acid neutralization

Water leveling

General inspection

Complete Reseal


Emergency Repairs 24/7

Probattery Of Canada


Need some repairs?

We can help with any industrial battery or chargers repairs.

We Provide On-Site Service

Have an emergency with your industrial battery or charger?

Call Pro Battery,  We are ready and willing to provide On-site emergency services when you have one

Learn what Pro Battery can do for you.